Once More Unto the Page Formatting Services was created with Indie Authors in mind to offer professional yet affordable services. My goal is to help you create a professional-looking book, whether they are print or e-book. Just because you self publish doesn't mean your books have to look like you do.

I offer fast, professional, services at a reasonable price so you can get your books together as quickly as possible.

What you need:

-A Microsoft Word Document of your manuscript (ready for publication--OMUTP is not an editing service)

-The specified size of the book. (I personally suggest 8"x 5.25". Many indie authors choose 9"x 6" which doesn't look as tight and professional as the more common sizes of books)

-All extras (author's notes, title pages, copyrights, acknowledgements etc.) need to be included, preferably in the right place in the manuscript document.

-Be sure to specify if you have any font preferences. Otherwise, I will work with you to find the right match for your book.

-If your book includes illustrations, please send these separate to the manuscript, but indicate where you want them in the document.


If you have any questions, please email me at: omutpformatting@gmail.com

Ask to see a sample of my work

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