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Once More Unto the Page Formatting is exclusively a formatting service, I do not edit manuscripts, nor do I do cover art. My goal is exclusively to get the interior of your book looking like a professional novel.

Pricing varies depending on length of novel:

Hardcopy (paperbacks/hardbacks):

50,000 words and under-- $100

60,000-90,000 words-- $150

100,000 words and higher--$185

*Note* Pricing with illustrations will be determined by quantity

(Ask about pricing for picture/children's books)


Novels (50,000 and up words) $85

Novellas (40,000 words and under) $45


*Any time you get a novel formatted for hardcopy, an accompanying e-book version will be added for only $50 extra*

Hardcopy/E-book Package

If you have any questions, please email me at: and ask for a sample of my work.

(Check the About Page to see what you need to get ready to send me your manuscript for service)

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